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TTI Social Media 101

For presentation to first-time social media users at TTI.

PI_2015-01-09_social-media_02Why social media?

  • Join the Conversation
  • Boost the TTI signal
  • Pass along that report, website, article
  • Choose the platform(s) that suit you
  • Share a current event with others
  • Make the world a better placeGingerSXSW031415b


Texas A&M University System and Institution Social Media Guidance

Business Use

Personal Use

  • Employee Use and Engagement Guidelines
    • Note to System employees using their own personal social media sites: Make it clear that the views expressed are yours. Recognize that effective social engagement depends upon transparency. Your honesty —or dishonesty — will be quickly noticed in the social media environment, and your credibility — and that of the A&M System and or University — will be at stake. If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, be the first to point it out. Write in the first person, and if you maintain a personal blog or website and write opinion pieces about the A&M System or its entities, use a disclaimer, such as “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of The Texas A&M University System or its entities.
  • Aggie Code of Honor

Anatomy of a Tweet

  • Give information. Buses are available.
  • Include a picture or image (important).
  • Put a face in it (with their permission).
  • Evoke with locational or seasonal cues (e.g. Rudder Tower).
  • Include relevant Twitter accounts (@TxDOT).
  • Include subject matter, event, affinity hashtags (should have used #ShortCourse). For further reading: The History and Power of the Hashtag – How Twitter and #Politics Mix (



      • Other pitfalls           LinkedIn001

Instagram deezInstagram






  • Deez Nutz story on Buzzfeed
  • Social Media behavior is like Comedy Improv (hat tip to Jamison Day, who takes his life in his hands every time he runs this crisis simulation) ImprovGuidelinesFacebook – don’t believe everything you read thereOttermelon

More about platforms


Judgement: Use ItBlazingSaddlesToll150

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