Monthly Archives: March 2017

Have a Seat at the Table

Chair, Agricultural Museum, Texas State Capitol I can’t physically get you a seat at the table as policy is formed, but I can do the next best thing. New this session of the Texas Legislature, adding value through the Texas A&M Transportation Institute by applying transparency practices to transportation policy. This effort includes:

  1. Providing daily updates for a list of transportation bills filed, sorted by category, at
  2. Tweeting a list of the day’s new transportation bills via @StevenPolunsky
  3. Blogging to provide background, analysis, and behind the scenes insight at
  4. Liveblogging legislative hearings at
  5. Packaging all or some of the above along with featured research in a newsletter (subscribe at
  6. Responding to questions posted through the above and other social media channels
  7. Preparing live seminars for Legislators, staff, and the public on timely issues.
  8. Maintaining our interim legislative activity tracker at
  9. Keeping our list of what passed and what didn’t from prior sessions at
  10. Seeking other opportunities to augment transparency in the legislative process.