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Engage Constituents with Social Media

This is an excellent, quick how-to guide for elected officials on using social media to connect with constituents, from the official’s perspective. “Conversations & Constituents: Using Social Media to Engage and Influence” was given by Maura Devine of Kivvit to the National Conference of State Legislatures‘ Legislative Summit, August 2016, and is also online at

Conversations & ConstituentsScreen shot of slides

TTI Social Media 101

For presentation to first-time social media users at TTI.

PI_2015-01-09_social-media_02Why social media?

  • Join the Conversation
  • Boost the TTI signal
  • Pass along that report, website, article
  • Choose the platform(s) that suit you
  • Share a current event with others
  • Make the world a better placeGingerSXSW031415b


Texas A&M University System and Institution Social Media Guidance

Business Use

Personal Use

  • Employee Use and Engagement Guidelines
    • Note to System employees using their own personal social media sites: Make it clear that the views expressed are yours. Recognize that effective social engagement depends upon transparency. Your honesty —or dishonesty — will be quickly noticed in the social media environment, and your credibility — and that of the A&M System and or University — will be at stake. If you have a vested interest in something you are discussing, be the first to point it out. Write in the first person, and if you maintain a personal blog or website and write opinion pieces about the A&M System or its entities, use a disclaimer, such as “The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of The Texas A&M University System or its entities.
  • Aggie Code of Honor

Anatomy of a Tweet

  • Give information. Buses are available.
  • Include a picture or image (important).
  • Put a face in it (with their permission).
  • Evoke with locational or seasonal cues (e.g. Rudder Tower).
  • Include relevant Twitter accounts (@TxDOT).
  • Include subject matter, event, affinity hashtags (should have used #ShortCourse). For further reading: The History and Power of the Hashtag – How Twitter and #Politics Mix (



      • Other pitfalls           LinkedIn001

Instagram deezInstagram






  • Deez Nutz story on Buzzfeed
  • Social Media behavior is like Comedy Improv (hat tip to Jamison Day, who takes his life in his hands every time he runs this crisis simulation) ImprovGuidelinesFacebook – don’t believe everything you read thereOttermelon

More about platforms


Judgement: Use ItBlazingSaddlesToll150

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