Govlab’s Online Crowdlaw Event

This is an impressive lineup and promises to be an informative session about including the public in the creation of legislation. Quoting from their website:

Announcing A CrowdLaw Unconference – June 2, 2014

On June 2 from 6pm – 8pm EST, GovLab Academy is hosting the first of two online “unconferences” to bring together leaders and practitioners of CrowdLaw, including online legislative drafting and constitution writing organizers and platform creators.  We are organizing this opportunity to learn from one another about what works, what doesn’t and what to do better to promote the institutionalization of crowdlaw.

This peer-to-peer learning event will feature implementers from around the world who will share their experiences and join in a moderated conversation to talk about:

  1. Design: What makes for successful CrowdLaw projects: what works, what doesn’t.
  2. Incentives: How to encourage people to participate.
  3. Impediments: What are the legal, cultural, technological and other obstacles.
  4. Metrics: How to measure what works and demonstrate both legitimacy and effectiveness.

The unconference live streams will enable the public to tune in, listen and pose questions, and will be transcribed and archived after the event.

Please stay tuned for a full list of session participants and to get more information on how to join the conversation. In the meantime, to learn about some of the to-be-featured CrowdLaw projects and tools for collaborative legislation drafting, check out the following past-features on our GovLab Blog:

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